World Cup 2014

What can I say, I'm excited about it. And when I get excited, I have to design a poster.

A Titan for Peace

A bit late, but had to pay tribute to Maya Angelou's passing a month ago; a huge talent and a true hero in the quest for peace and equality for all.

Vintage ad: BND

As a young golfer in the 70s, Jack Nicklaus was always my hero. I bought his clubs and wore white tasseled shoes like him, and tried to swing and putt like him. So imagine my excitement when a client of mine in the late 90s signed Jack on as their spokesman. The great Darrell Eager and I ended up shooting Jack at his house in North Palm Beach. Below is one of the ads we ended up with... photo by Darrell, art direction and design by me, copy by me and Barbara Nicklaus.

Vintage ad: Converse 1991

I love looking at old advertising and design. I found this Converse ad in a 1991 Sports Illustrated. The KJ photo is great, and although the copy looks like it disappears behind the photo, it actually jumps across, so none of the story is lost. The copy is also interesting in and of itself; all in all, a really cool ad. I don't know who the agency of record was for Converse at the time; anybody know?

Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction: The Complete Story of Quentin Tarantino's Masterpiece, by Jason Bailey, ended up on several year-end "Best Gifts" lists, including The New York Times, Variety, and Entertainment Weekly. It also appeared on the Miramax Tumblr a couple of times. To use an adjective from the film, I designed the whole motherf**in' thing.